Q) How do I play blind?

You cannot play blind in Poker, please check the video tutorial for an easy explanation

Q) How do I know if my cards are strong?

Check the hand list in-game to see if you have a strong hand

Q) How can I take all my money into the table?

Tables have limits, you can only take the table limit amount to the table, but there is no limit to the amount of money you can win.

Q) What's a split pot?

A simple explanation would be a split pot is when a player has gone all in, but there are other players still betting. So the initial player is only entitled to the winnings that was in the pot till his all in, all the bets thereafter will be split between the other players betting.

Q) What are the different buttons shown in-game when its not my turn?

These buttons are the part of the adaptive UI of Poker Live! we allow you to pre-choose your next move so it saves you time and helps you strategise.

Q) In Poker Live!, I am unable to login with Facebook, can play as a guest?

Ensure you have the latest version of Poker Live! Switch off your phone and switch in on. Launch Poker Live! and login with Facebook. If you are unsuccessful, install or update the latest version of Facebook application on your device. Launch the Facebook app and login using your Facebook account. If you are not able to connect to Facebook, contact Facebook. If you have successfully logged-in, then launch Poker Live! and login with Facebook.

Q) What is Private Table?

Private table is an exclusive table where you can play with your friends and normal public cannot join, the chips currency for private tables is different and needs to be purchased separately.